Bang, Le Van
Vice Director)
Mr. Bang graduated as an engineer in Food Technology and earned Master's degree in Animal Husbandry, Hygiene, Quality, and the Environment from Tours University of France. He has gained a wide range of expertise and experience from providing consultancy services on rural development projects, baseline evaluation studies, value chain, international standards for 17 years. Especially, he has intensive experience working with small-scale shrimp producers and other shrimp value chain actors when working in projects funded by WWF – Viet Nam, GIZ, Oxfam in Vietnam, ICAFIS, MCD…. He has supported many cooperatives, shrimp processing and exporting companies to get Global Gap, Organic, ASC and BAP certifications, improve shrimp value chain linkages… He is co-founder of RECERD 
Phuong, Cao Thanh
Environmental and sustainable standard consultant)
Mrs. Phuong graduated BSc. Environment from Can Tho University, Vietnam and MSc. Environmental Consultancy from University of the West of England, United Kingdom. She has over 10-year experience working as an environmental expert providing consultancy services related to environmental licences (water exploitation license, waste water discharge licence,…), conducting Environmental Impact Assessment for development projects. She is also a consultant and evaluator for many sustainable aquaculture production projects, rural development projects, international standard consultancy funded by both international organizations and the Vietnamese government. By participating in various projects related to environment and sustainable aquaculture standards, value chain analysis, she has experience working with different stakeholders (famers, local authorities, enterprises,…). 
Qui, Nguyen Thanh
(In charge of Technical Standards Team)
Mr. Qui holds undergraduate in Crop Sciences and master degree in Crop Sciences. During over 5-year working as a consulting expert in RECERD, he has made important practical contributions to assist enterprises in completing quality safety certifications according to buyers’ requirements and the trends in market integration.
Ngoc, Nguyen Thi Kim
(In charge of the Social Standards Team)
Ms. Ngoc is an Engineer in Aquatic Pathology  and a Social Expert. Ms. Ngọc has participated in consultancy services for the aquaculture farming areas to obtain many social sustainability standards such as ASC, Global Gap, BAP, Biosuisse, Naturland ... as well as help processors and factories control safety conditions in accordance with domestic legal requirements as well as international environmental and social standards such as SA 8000, BSCI, SMECTA.