Minh Chau is an island-commune, located in Van Don district, Quang Ninh province, has an area of 5120 ha, in which the area for people living is 740 ha. Minh Chau is in the middle of Bai Tu Long National Park, and including 3 main islands : Ba Mun, Tra Ngo Ban (Van Hai) and Quan Lan, and other small islands.
Minh Chau commune is bordered by Van Yen commune’s sea to the north, Quan Lan commune to the south, Co To district to the east and belongs to Northern Gulf, Van Yen and Ban Sen commune (Van Don district) to the west. Commune has the total population of 1125 persons, main livelihoods of them are feeding and fishing fisheries. Because of favorable geographical location, with long smooth sand beach, Tram forest, maritime value, unique culture of fishing villages…Traveling service has been worked since 2005

Nowadays, Minh Chau becomes attractive destination of domestic and foreign tourists. According to Mr Nguyen Thanh Sang, Chairman of Minh Chau People’s Committee: Only in 2011, there was approximately 15000 tourists came here. Traveling development contributed to local economic growth, improved infrastructure and people living… On the other hand, there’re some difficulties appear in environment management, waste from production and business activities of households and tourists.


Project “ Design a community model to protect and exploit maritme resources for maritime ecological traveling in Minh Chau commune, Van Don district, Quang Ninh” funded by GEF (Global environment Facility), handled by Quang Ninh farmer organization. RECERD (Research Center for  Resources and Rural Development) is organization that provides technological supports. The aim of project is contribute to maritime environment protection and resources sustainable exploitation for community ecological traveling development, in which waste management, environment cleaning are one of prior activities of project.

Dinh Xuan Lap