Lang Sen Mini -Rescure centre for endangered fish species

The conservation of endangered fish species in Viet Nam is still restricted. The status of catching endangered fish species taking place in many localities, the rescure of endangerd fish species are not interested
Only in the year 2012, in the Mekong Delta people caught 02 Mekong giant catfish (globally endangered species) with weigh more than 70 kg but both of them died due to rescue work is not timely and properly yet.
In order to serve the rescue of endangered fish species in Long An and other place next to Lang Sen, Lang Sen Mini -Rescure centre has been built in the project : “Using and systematizing fishers’ local ecological knowledge to monitor and manage fisheries, with emphasis on three globally threatened fish species (the Giant Catfish [Pangasianodon gigas], Sanitwongsei’s catfish [Pangasius sanitwongsei] and Jullien's Golden Carp [Probarbus jullieni]), in the Lower Mekong River system of Long An Province, Vietnam”. The project Implement by Research center for Resource and Rural development (RECERD) and finance by Birdlife International, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF).
The Mini -Rescure centre equipped with treatment tank, nursing tank, modern equipment and medicine for the cure and treatment of fish before they were taken back to nature. There were 2 fishery officers in charge for mini-rescure centre, a service hotline for information on the detection of endangered fish species between  local community and protected areas are established and widely announced to the community and the relevant authorities. The project also organized training for reserve officers on how to rescue and treatment of endangered fish species.
Recently, Management of Lang Sen wetland reserve has announced official document to the agencies who have their responsible for conservation in the province and local communities around the protected area about mini-rescure centre has finished, when people capture or detect of  endangered fish species in a state of dangerous injuries promptly move to the mini-rescure centre for treatment.
Xuan Lap - RECERD